The Breeders – Head to Toe (1994)

Head to Toe was released in June 1994 following the international success of The Breeders second album, Last Splash. As I recall it was a relatively rare release which only saw the light of day on 10″ in the UK and 7″ in the US (without the last track Safari).Breeders Head to Toe

No cd copy of this EP was issued although this will soon to be rectified when Last Splash gets the anniversary remaster treatment later this month in the form of LSXX. All the tracks from this and all the other Last Splash era releases are being bundled together on 3 CDs or (if you have more money than sense) a 7x vinyl boxset weighing in at an eye watering £75. You do get a booklet with that one too. Which is nice. Definitely worth it. Oh yes.

I love Head to Toe. It sounds like a first single given away at gigs and sort of reminds me of Elastica’s Stutter. A rush of pure indie pop satisfying the fans of Last Splash and keeping the die-hards happy as a vinyl-only release produced by Dinosaur Jnr’s J. Mascis. Oh, and it includes a cover of Sebadoh’s Freed Pig. And did I mention it was produced by J Mascis? I’m sure that little irony wasn’t lost on anybody at the time.

Anyway. I thought I’d drop this one in now as an appetiser for LSXX. Enjoy.



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