About Record at Random

Writing a blog is all very well but finding something to write about that someone may also want to read has been a real challenge for me. It might continue to be so if no one reads this one.

So, having joined a flourishing local vinyl record club, I realised that if I could talk all night about records I loved to people who kindly pretended to be interested then I should perhaps push my luck a bit further and write about them too.

Most of my vinyl was bought between 1981 and 1992 during my teens and early twenties (with a few gaps when I was restricted to buying tapes as a first year undergraduate with an oversized Hitachi “SuperWoofer” in my digs). And some of it is probably quite embarrassing. I think I even have a Rick Astley 12″ somewhere among all the My Bloody Valentine, Fall, REM, Smiths, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Wedding Present. I think I have too many 12″ singles full stop.

So the challenge I gave myself was to pull out a record at random every so often, play it and tell you about it. I promise not to cheat (much) and I will probably find other things to write about along the way (I hope so, I’m dreading that Rick Astley single turning up). And I promise to never use the phrase “guilty pleasure”.

Thank God I didn’t join a local tape club. That where the real bodies are buried in my collection…

Thank you for listening.


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