I might buy more vinyl if…

I might be tempted to buy more modern vinyl if…

1. I always received a cd version or a copy to download as part of the package.

2. Release dates weren’t pushed back while equivalent CD and download dates stayed the same (take note De La Soul,The Breeders…alright Mr Bowie, you’re sort of excused).

3. I didn’t have to pay silly prices compared to CDs and downloads. Unless I got a cd or download with it, of course.

4. Replacing my record deck didn’t mean my budget only stretched to something half decent that still needed the drive-belt re-threading just to change the speed.

5. And with my new deck I didn’t have to mess around with counterweights and “anti-skate weights” just to make the needle stay on the record.

6. I genuinely thought the sound quality was better (when the needle stayed on, that is).

7. Given the prices, someone could convince me that the artist benefitted more from a vinyl purchase.

8. There was less snobbery about vinyl.

9. It didn’t feel like the resurgence still might be a fad?





3 thoughts on “I might buy more vinyl if…

  1. All great points, and I especially agree with #’s 1 & 3, even though I understand the reasons for both. My understanding regarding download cards & CD copies is that they double the amount of publishing royalties that need to be paid by the record company. I’m not 100% sure if this is correct, and conceptually it’s ridiculous since they contain the same music as the vinyl, but such is the practice of copyright law. As for the high price of most new vinyl, it’s most likely due to the limited number of vinyl pressing plants. High demand + low supply means increased prices, and consumers are the ones who (literally) pay the price. I wouldn’t mind paying $15 for a vinyl version of something that’s available on CD for $10-$12, but when the price goes to $25 or more I can’t justify the purchase.

    All that being said, I’ve bought enough recently released vinyl (new titles and reissues of old titles) to know that, in a world where money is no object, I would almost always choose the vinyl version (as long as it comes with a CD or download code, bringing us back to point #1).

    Anyway, this is a great discussion topic. I look forward to hearing other people’s views on this.

  2. 10. There’s a “y” in the day
    11. If that record I already own is released in coloured vinyl
    12. There’s only 500 released of a single that I might not have bought otherwise
    13. It has the phrase “Third Man Records” on it.
    14. It’s £5, and I suspect I saw it elsewhere on sale for £25…
    …and many more reasons.
    I bought a Rega turntable – the type you need to change the belt manually. It’s lovely. I bought a second hand pair of speakers and dug out my old 25 year old amp from the loft. It sounds great…
    And so much better than MP 3…
    Great post.

  3. I personally am obsessed with vinyl, I grew up with cassettes and CDs so when my dad would take out the old record player I was fascinated by it. A while back I got my first turntable and my dad gave me his 500+ vinyl collection all in great shape. Any time i listen to a record I feel like i get instantly transported back in time, its a great feeling. Also I only buy modern vinyls when I feel like an album doesn’t have one bad song on it, that way my colleciton will have only the classics!

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